Monday, February 15, 2010

Windows and Cage Ready

Well the deadline to diliver the car to DSX has arrived quickly. I finished prepping the car by removing the windows, throwing the front wheels back on and bolting in the seats. I wanted to vaccume out the interior and pretty it up for most of the work, but that was kinda sidelined.

The windows were a little tedious, but not bad at all. I've read up on people removing them with piano wire or guitar strings but really a braided wire that's strong works fine for. I went to Harbor Freight and snagged a little window remover kit which had that plus some other handy stuff in it.

Although being a 2 person job, the windows came out perfect and all in one piece. I want to retain the windows to use as a pattern for Lexan down the road.

So now she sits, quietly... awaiting the trailer. And ya, I know - My garage is a little cluttered, haha.

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