Monday, February 22, 2010

Cage Update and Working Center

This weekend was kinda hectic - haven't been able to post but I have made a lot of head way. Sean at DSX has moved along great on the cage, finalizing all the rear bends/fitment. I think it looks great so far. He mentioned he's going to bend up the A-Pillar tubes next, install the front box plates, then move to building custom seat brackets to integrated the seats into the cage. It's a bit interesting trying to build the car for both Jamie and myself as the seat positioning will be a bit different for both drivers, but Sean has some cool ways of accommodating.

One really cool thing Sean did was aligned the main hoop cross with the X on the down tubes to allow for more visibility. They all pretty much cross at the same point, allowing me to see a bit more out the rear window. He also rocked back the main hoop just slightly (still within NASA specifications) to follow the B-Pillar body line and make the car more rigid by tying into it.

In addition to the cage, I found some time to grab a used (not destroyed lol) center diff from DSG up in Mass. (Thanks Bill). Cleaned up the internals on the transfer case, washed the transfer gears and re-lubed them and reinstalled the center. It was a fairly easy process, just need to make sure you don't forget the shim! haha. Now it spins without making a terrible grinding noise, lol.

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