Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weight Reduction

So before I bring the car for the cage I have to make sure I cut out all the brackets and remove other little crap that I wouldn't be able to get to otherwise. Once a lot of the bars are welded in, it will be very difficult to get a grinder in behind them. After cutting though the cabin stuff, I had to reinstall the interior I'd be retaining for the track IE: Dash, Heater Core, Blower Motor, etc. I have to make that Sean from DSX can work and build around the existing interior.

I dissected the blower motor and removed the AC core. This saved a bit of weight, but mostly because I welded up the holes and can't physically accommodate the lines that protrude though the firewall.

Following the blower motor and heater core, I hacked all the extra crap out of the dash. I can't believe how light the existing dash is without all the crap in it (airbag, vents, etc.)

I think the coolest thing I did today was Plasma Cut the doors apart. Kris came over today (Drive the EVO in February!? No way...) and helped me out. We made quick work with the doors and probably freed up another 25-30 lbs in both doors. I left the factory door bars in just to be on the safe side.

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