Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Season End - Results In

I've been slacking a bit on posts... Ok, more than a bit - a lot. This winter will bring some interesting mechanical changes to the car and some new sponsors who you'll like to know.

2011 was a good season and the final results are in! I ended up securing a regional class championship (NASA Northeast PTC Champion) as well as a podium spot in the overall regional drivers championship (Over 150 drivers). I missed out on Rookie of the Year by a measly 10 points (out of a total of 950 or so) but I won't complain too loud about runner up. All-in-all it was a great year.

Some new things to look for on the blog soon enough; Aerodynamic Modifications, Transmission Modifications, New Suspension and Spring Rate Setup and more. Should be an interesting rush for the first shake-down of the season in April!