Thursday, February 4, 2010

MIG, TIG, and Plasma!

I finally got around to buying some replacement consumables for my 110v plasma cutter. My mom picked it up for my Dad awhile back and I kind of... well... "adopted" it for body work use, haha. It never really worked correctly and frankly, I never had much use for it until now.

I figured since I was still waiting for parts for the suspension, brakes, and transmission - as well as waiting to turn up new T-Brace bushings I might as well start welding up some unnecessary firewall holes.

Kris let me borrow is TIG (thank you Kris) to replace my crappy 110v MIG. The MIG is nice for slapping two pieces of metal together like the transmission jig I made. However, when it comes down to really thin sheet metal, I just can't get my MIG to not burn through.

The TIG is a bit harder and welding upside down and on a vertical surface pose their own challenges but I think I managed. The welds look good where I had the proper gap between panels, but where it was more than 1/16th of an inch, it just looks like boogers.

Ground down the welds never the less to make a (relatively) smooth surface. Still rough from weld aftermath, but whatever, it's a race car right? Threw some primer on and went to bed.

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