Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gears Together

Last night concluded my transmission work (hopefully, lol). I got the box back together within 3-4 hours. We'll see if I put it together correctly, haha.

I'm glad I took it apart in the first place because i had gunk everywhere. I even had some sort of buildup on the inside of the gear stack pinion shaft. A little dip in a few gallons of 93 octane dissolved and cleaned just about everything. I made sure to be extra careful with the bearings as just a little bit of dirt could really jam them up. I made sure to re-lube them and reassembled the gear stack. following the stacks I made sure to clean and re-lube the front diff as well as get all the particulate out of the case itself. A good portion of this build was just having the time to make sure *everything* was clean. Threw the transfer case back on and called it a night!

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