Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Subaru 1, Mike 0

Subaru wins this battle - bastards. I was trying to press out the T-Brace bushing last night. Ended up firing a metal slug into my leg while trying, haha. Anyway - those who want to remove the T-Brace bushings - be warned: There is a lip that the bushing presses up against which you can't really see due to the deformation of the urethane. I got it out, but only after I cut the lip off.

After I filled the garage with black smoke and soot from cutting the rubber I just went inside and designed up some new solid bushings in Google SketchUp. (neat program by the way...)

So the odd height of the drawing is related to what I had to subtract out of the total height of the bushing to accommodate for when I raised the rear cross member up. I need to make sure the diff sits as level as possible to avoid drive train tweaks.

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