Monday, February 8, 2010

Rear End Installed

So Doug came over again - and oddly enough, I was doing the exact same job as the last time he came over - only in reverse.

We cleaned out the rear differential and bolted it to the new Diff Mount. We then inserted that into the rear cross member upside down and slid on the T-Brace. Torqued everything to spec - then started to assemble the lateral links. I ended up picking up some adjustable Perrin lateral links (which are mostly spherical links) and installed those prior to bolting up the cross member to the car. We also added grease fittings to all the poly bushings to lube the inner diameter of the metal sleeve.

So here's the moment of truth - The one thing about solid bushings is that if you didn't get the spot on and the frame isn't 100% true, they don't work. We jack up the rear end place all the bolts in the cross member (few threads) then lift up the T-Brace and slide in the bolts. IT FITS - perfectly. I may have to consider shimming the T-Brace if the diff isn't sitting perfectly level, but that's for a later date. I think McLovin said it best, "It's In!"

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