Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Front Installed

Installed the main group of front end components with Doug last night. I need to have a rolling chassis that steers to get it on the trailer and to the cage shop. I'm going to use a STI turbo cross member for a few reasons. One being I wont have to replace it down the road when I do the swap, two it uses additional factory bracing and three, it allows me to use the stock 20mm STI Front Sway Bar (mind you is installed backwards in the picture, haha).

For those of you who told me the RS steering rack will not fit in the GD STI cross member - it does. I'll be using a GD rack after the steering column quickener comes back, but for the time being I'll use this one to steer the car.

I also found out that the problem with the transmission lies in the transfer case bearings. So even though I pulled the whole damn thing apart to replace the TRANSMISSION bearings - those are fine. Ah well, at least I'll have bearings for when they decided to leave me.

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