Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Window Net, Sunroof, and Roll Center

Last night was wet... of course... But I did have a good visit from Sean. He came over to finish a few pieces of the cage. Primarily, he was assembling the window net brackets. I won't need it right away, but I figure what the heck - might as well have it there for when I need it. The process went fairly smoothly from what I heard/saw - we will need one other little piece to the net to make sure it drops away quickly in an accident. Today's task will be to try to find a place around here who sells 1/4" thick flat stock steel for the seat brackets.

While Sean was swearing at the window net, I took the time to uninstall my stock ball joints/tie rod ends and install the new roll-center kit I purchased. Even with the Tarmac 2 ride height set to "normal" the a-arms do sit a bit higher than horizontal which alarms me. I want to keep the suspension as flat as possible to reduce binding. This system should lower the ball joint and keep the arm flat - same principal with the tie rod end.

After all the fun - I brought Sean back to DSX and he cut me up a nice piece of aluminum for the roof to cover the sunroof hole. Sean built a pattern

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