Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Engine Reassembly

Reassembly in progress! - Finally got around to putting assembling the motor. Took forever to get it back from the machine shop for one, two - bearing availability is scarce (Thanks Economy) - and three... well - Not a lot of available time heh.

The basic block assembly is pretty simplistic as long as the machine shop did their job correctly. I made sure to check the bearing tolerances and oil clearances prior to assembly with some plasti-gauge. Turned out to have rod bearing oil clearance of about 1.5 thousandths or so. With that - Added some assembly lube and went to town. Placed two pistons in the bottom case half first with rods attached and used it as a "base". After those went in I placed the first halves of the mains in and set the crank down (making sure to place the other two rods on the crank first).

Once it seated properly I put the other mains on the alternate block half and set that down on the first making sure the rods pushed up into the appropriate cylinders. Spinning the crank I lined up the rods/pistons and knocked in the pins and made sure to place the retainer clips back on.

From there it's pretty much done - torque everything down on the block and start buttoning it back up in reverse order as we took it apart. I've come to appreciate the heavy lifting the
machine shops do.

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