Thursday, March 11, 2010


Tonight I spent a few hours assembling the motor a bit more. Put the timing belt pulleys/stuff on along with the 08 STI Oil Pump. Threw the stock water pump on but with a new thermostat. Put the rest of the oil pan stuff on as well - although I had to modify a few things to support the 08 STI oil pickup. EFI had a STI oil pan laying around which I had the machine shop clean up so I could use it (More baffling for the win).

After that, I started cracking into the heads to change out the cams. I'm a little annoyed with the Northeast Auto and Machine for their "cleaning" of the heads. When I removed the rockers, there was so much gunk and excess oil behind them. I really wish they had disassembled the heads to clean them - or at least offered it to me for a bit more money. Would have taken it. Anyway - Had to drill out a few of the bolts holding the retainer plates on the heads - I hate corrosion.

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