Friday, March 19, 2010

Paint and Window Prep

I started to put all the goodies in the motor and get ready to start it up - then I realized... I don't have a steering column! Ah well, I'm dumb - and I didn't feel like hot-wiring the car on initial start up so I moved to putting some of the minor components back in.

I wanted to put the peddle box back together so I could have a clutch and such - but I realized, if I do that - I can't paint the floor. So - I grabbed some flat black Rustoleum "Rust Converter" paint and went to town. I prepped the surface with a scotch bright pad and cleaned it up with some acetone. after I was sure it was fully evaporated and dry, I sprayed on the paint then installed the peddle box.

At the same time I had the paint out I figured, what the hell - Might as well paint the window frames where I messed them up using the braided wire. I masked off a nice area around making sure to keep the paint off the main body and went to town. I figure when I install the Lexan it will almost appear to have a smoked look like the stock windows (from afar anyway).

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