Saturday, March 13, 2010

FedEx Lady!

Today - After watching F1 qualifying of course - I was visited by the FedEx lady carrying two large boxes. Excited, I quickly opened them to find my RaceComp Engineering KW Variant 3's! 400/340 spring rates with duel way adjustability.

After I unwrapped the suspension I started to get back to work on the engine. I had to run to Sears Hardware and buy some new allen key bolts to replace the very corroded/stripped ones I had to drill out. After getting all the hardware, I put both the cams in, adjusted the valve clearances and started the final "buttoning up". I'm going to put the motor in without the intake on it for now as I'm still waiting on parts from Subaru (bah). Tomorrow I'll see if I can get the steering rack swapped out and the rear Cusco Swaybar installed.

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