Monday, March 29, 2010

I hate painting

So it seems like it would be easy right? Just slap some paint on the cage and be done with it. I wish.
I spent a good 5+ hours so far prepping and priming the cage and other bare metal pieces on the chassis. As I mentioned in previous posts, I didn't like building cages due to my lack of patience, same goes for painting them haha. I do need to make sure this very expensive asset doesn't get eaten by mother nature though, so I endured. I'm using a flat black primer on pretty much everything for now. A lot of the interior will be gray, but flat black is a good alternative so I can protect the items, reduce the glare, and not have to worry about putting 50000 hours into paint work. My buddy who has a paint booth offered to help - I think I'll take him up on it haha.

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