Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Productive Night

So last night was a lot more productive - Jeff and Doug came over to press in/out some bushings for Doug's Evo which kind of inspired me to keep working. I ended up doing a few things including power washing the engine bay, installing all the struts, starting on brakes, rolled/flared the fenders and getting pretty close to a finished motor.

The engine bay was really filthy and I was hoping to have enough time to repaint it. I'm quickly running out of time so I figured, screw it - I'll just try to get it as clean as I can with the power washer. Surprisingly it came out exceptionally well - I really forgot how white this car is haha. "Purple Power" + Power Washer (and a little elbow grease) = clean!

After I pushed her back into the garage I lifted her back up and proceeded to remove the wheels and roll/flare the fenders. This really sucked because the drivers fender lip is rusted to hell so of course no matter how much I heated the paint, it chipped. I figure I'll deal with it next year. It will be an eye sore for now, but whatever. Race car's don't have to be pretty right?

After I got bored/frustrated with trying to get the brake lines to fit up properly - I moved over to the motor. I finally dug up some of the intake manifold bolts and threw her back on. As soon as I can find my crank positioning sensor and get the timing belt covers from Subaru, she'll be on her way back in.

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