Monday, March 15, 2010

Front Torqued - Rear Sway On

Got my Cusco rear sway to mount - Took a little modification of the mounting plates but it's on and ready to go - I may have to do something different with the end links or maybe even hack off the ends and weld new ones on but we'll see. The bar doesn't like to work well with the adjustable lateral links. Ah well.

Also, took some time and swapped out the RS steering rack for the WRX one and made sure to replace the rack bushings with some Whitelines. I didn't get time to mount the new coilovers, but I torqued down all the suspension components otherwise. After that was done I bolted down the fenders and headlights/side markers to make sure it all lined up (still). Hopefully tonight I can get the rest of the suspension on and start rolling the fenders. If Subaru has my parts - Ill get that darn motor together.

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