Sunday, January 31, 2010


As I await more parts to finish assembling the suspension - by the suggestion of Jack from EFI I decided to dive into the 5 speed. The transmission had a 4th gear whine which sounded like a bearing issue. They aren't too bad to get to, but I do have to disassemble a good portion of the gear stack.

I'll have to come across a few new tools (is that ever a bad thing?!). Gear stack requires a 27mm, 35mm, and a 50mm deep well socket. There are some specialty tools I may have to purchase from Subaru, but I think I can get by for now with a bearing separator. Everything looks good though, transmission doesn't appear to have much wear except for a bit on the spider gears on the front diff. Nothing to be alarmed about I don't think.

So tomorrow, it's to a wake (ugg) then to Subaru to price out some tools/parts.

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