Sunday, January 17, 2010

Front Removed

Today was pretty quick - removed the front suspension in preparation to swap bushings and parts. I ended up pulling the whole thing down as a unit so I could disassemble it out from under the car.It's always easier to get the proper leverage on rusty and stuck bolts without trying to turn a wrench in the 6 inches of space between the cement floor and the bottom of the car, haha.

I'm going to need to replace all the bushings, steering rack, a-arms, and even the cross member. I'd prefer to use the "GD" (2004 STI) A-Arms to widen the track. With that I'll use the GD cross member to support the wider A-Arm mounts. Since I've collected a ton of extra STI parts, I figure I might as well use them.

Only bad part about today was the damn axle stuck in the hub... It's totally seized. I went as far as throwing it in my 2 ton press with no luck. I guess I'll bring it to the machine shop along with the motor stuff, haha.

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