Thursday, January 28, 2010

Out with the old - In with the new

The past few days have been hampered by brake booster going bad on the girlfriends car - however, progress has been made. My order from Subaru is ready for pickup and I found a local friend who will give me a hand with some sandblasting to remove the surface rust off my cross member and other structural pieces. I also got some of my parts from Subimods (whiteline bushings and such) and started to press them in. I finished last night off with pressing in the forward a-arm bushing.

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  1. How many pounds is that press rated at? Is it the Harbor Freight unit? Looks like you get tons of use out of it (haha). Anyways thanks for the detailed blog, not sure how I came across it as I dont have a Subaru but just love reading about the build process. Thanks