Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bearings and Bushings

Last night I started pressing out the bushings and bearings on all the components. So far so good - with one minor issue which was that damn axle... The axle seized itself into the hub and I've been letting it soak in penetrating oil for awhile now. Finally decided to heat the heck out of it and press it out... I ended up putting a 4 foot bar on the press pump lever and putting (probably too much) a lot of force on the axle. It finally popped, but I mushroomed the end of it a bit. Hub still looks good. So now I sit back and wait for Joe from to get me my parts. Quite the bushing/suspension kit, haha.


  1. hey that stuff looks like it needs to be sand blasted

  2. It sure does... Hoping I can get my front spindles back from the machine shop sooner than later so I can have them done too :)