Friday, January 29, 2010

Sorry Rob!

Despite the snow and crazy drivers on the road - I managed to get to Northeast Auto and Machine to ask about my block and see if my spindles were done (I had them pull the ball joints out because they were seized - and really - I didn't want to fight with them, haha).

I walked in and asked for Rob - He emerged covered in grease as usual. I asked if the ball joints gave him any trouble... he responded, "I'm going to drop my pants and let you know exactly what happened." At this point I think it's just a figure of speech - Nope - He drops trow and I see a HUGE (8-9" diameter) bruise on his left leg.

Of course, I start laughing hysterically and ask what happened - he proceeds to tell me the story:

"I was trying to remove the ball joints and was using the torches to heat it up. After a few heat cycles and attempts to remove the bolt that holds the ball joint in, I decided to turn up the juice. I placed the torches on the table and let the spindle get CHERRY RED. Well - It got hot enough that the ball joint exploded, sending it (seemingly physically impossible) past the bolt that holds it in the spindle, out, across the room, and hit me in the leg! It was like someone set off a M80 right next to you face!" - Rob

I felt so bad I suggested he doesn't try the other one - but he wanted to. I'll call him at 4 and see if he's still alive.

Needless to say - I didn't pick up my spindles, haha.

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