Monday, January 25, 2010


So I went down to my parents house over the weekend and turned up some custom rear diff and sub frame solid bushings. Even though my dad pretty much missed two football games he helped me finish these bad boys before I left. (Thanks Dad). I had 3 Subaru OE sub frame bushings (from god knows where, lol) so I decided to press them in backwards. This would allow for an additional 1/4 inch of rise in the rear sub frame and allow the lateral links to sit more flat when I drop the car. We had to mill down the lip on one, as well as create a 4th.

For the rear diff, we used a aluminum bushing with a steel sleeve. Aluminum is just way too soft to stick a steel fastener through it. It would for sure destroy itself within a few track days. We engineered the pieces to be press fit so I'll have to press the steel sleeve into the aluminum bushing, then press the unit into the diff support. (note, I'm using a different style cross member because the other one was bent to hell...)

Anyway, here's how they "turned" out.

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