Thursday, April 1, 2010

Side Windows + Steering

The next logical step to installing the rear window is the sides. Let me just say - the rear window was a pain in the arse compared to the sides. So much easier to cut, fit, and install. The only bad thing is where I'm mounting the lexan to - I'm screwing into the B-Pillar and I underestimated the structural integrity of it lol. Thin (aprox 14 gauge) steel is no problem, but these B-Pillars have triple and quadruple walled crazy engineered steel which requires me to drill it out. Self tapers have no chance lol.

Also received my steering column - before I installed it I did a final paint and prep on the floor and on the dash beam just to make sure that I wasn't going to hate my life later. It's much easier to get to everything with the windshield out. Paint looks nice, but I could only really afford to do the front to reduce the time I spend on this beast. Anyway - Tried to install the column and it's hitting some crap - I'll have to do more cutting/modifying.

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