Monday, April 12, 2010

First Race

So I dropped her off the jack stands and took her for a spin in the driveway. She works! - No additional problems, actually sounds a lot quieter than I expected (with solid bushings). Eagerly anticipating my Sunday deadline I washed her up and made some minor tweaks to interior. I put my race numbers on the side and pulled her on the trailer.

5am on a Sunday is not my ideal time to wake up but I was very excited. a 2 hr drive up to Devins Air Force Base was pretty quick seeing Jeff and Todd were "late". They tended to motivate my right foot a little.

Despite the horrid SCCA format for their auto-x and the 6 hours of waiting around I did before I ran the car - oh my word did the car handle. I had a few people ask me "Is this on slicks?" (It's not by the way, haha.) The turn in on the car is ridiculous - not like any Subaru I've ever driven. It's very neutral and rotates on command. The motor held together after being beaten off the rev limiter a few times and feels very, very strong. The power band feels very linear and I caught myself wondering where I was on the tach just because the TQ was so sustained.

Needless to say I'm a happy camper. Now we prep for New Jersey Motorsports Park.

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