Friday, April 2, 2010

Steering Installed

Got the quickener back and installed. It did require a bit more "modifying" and tweaking than I would of expected for spending 500$, but whatever - it's in and it's working. The only hesitance I have is the brake pedal hits the planetary gear housing. That being said, the brake system is not bled which will dramatically impact how far/close to the floor the pedal goes. Larry from L&E Fabrication said it is normal and I won't have any problems. I hope he's right.

Also added another Lexan window to the drivers side and started to modify the headers for startup. The Ebay knockoffs I purchased were mislabeled on the site. They are made for the earlier 2.2 style motors which has a different head design - the distance between the L and R head ports is more narrow - so I have to extend them. It was also mislabeled as the size of the ports are NOT 1.5" they are 1.75" - which means the stainless pipe I bought to modify the headers - is wrong. I'll be looking for more steel.

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