Friday, March 11, 2011

Seat Mounting

So more work is being done to the seat now.

Basically when DSX did the seat mount, they built off the cage and tied it into the stock mounting points for the stock seat (front cross member). I originally told them I didn't think it would work due to needing a slider at some point (the short co-driver ) but whatever. Now that I've determined it WONT work - I need to re-do it.

So far I've cut out the existing seat brackets and mounts and will re-make the 1-1/4 seat mounts to support the sliders AND brackets. I'm going to tie into the body with a single bar and run the bars off the cage at a 45 like the
existing setup was, only extend them by about 4 inches. Also the mounting plates for the seat will mount perpendicular to the tubes coming off the cage so i can alter where the seat mounts if needed down the road WITHOUT cutting the whole damn setup out... grr.

Oh - and Myles from RaceComp Engineering and Charles from SafeDrives hooked up some new parts too.

500/500 lb/in springs Front and Rear and window nets.

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