Sunday, March 20, 2011


Finally finished up the car and have a short list of things to do before the first track day at Lime Rock. I headed over to EFI Logic's this weekend to go through the NASA Competition Race Tech Inspection. I did pass which is a relief, but still have a few tidbits to finish up. After a garage clean, maintenance on the tow vehicle, and a few other misl. quick projects I'll be back on the RS for a fuel system make over, minor tweak of the suspension and the general maintenance needed for the track day. Official Weigh In was 2600 lbs with about 5gal of fuel in the car. Looks like I'll need some ballast :)

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  1. Hey

    I just found you blog via NASA HPDE forums picture thread. Is there somewhere I could see more pics or info on your car? maybe nasioc?

    keep buildin!

    I drive an 05 STi in NASA-SE.

    cya around