Thursday, June 25, 2009

So what do we do...

We're debating - Keep the dash - Get rid of the dash... Personally, I think get rid of the crap and sell it to put some cash back in the car fund. But - What do we do after it's gone?

Here are a few of our options:
  • Painters tape over the existing dash and lay a thin layer of fiberglass and resin.
  • Remove the dash and build a custom dash out of a "net" or "skeleton" of balsa and hot glue. and glass over it.
  • Aluminum sheet metal.
  • Zip tie the cluster to the dash beam and race it!!! (ya I'm sure tech inspection would approve that, haha).
  • Get some thin PVC type material, heat gun it, and shape it into what we want - lay some glass over that.
There has to be at least 40-50 lbs in the dash, heater core, AC crap, and blower. Not to mention the random brackets and airbags.

Feel free to comment, we need some ideas!

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