Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Exhaust and Roll Center

The new transmission checked out perfect. Shifts great! I couldn't really get the full experience of it as my neighbors don't enjoy me running through the gears at wide open throttle though the kid infested streets :)

Productive weekend though. Among other things I ended up getting the Lime Rock Legal exhaust setup and re-did my previous axle back to make it a bit more free-flowing with less abrupt direction changes. You know I'm stuck waiting for parts when I start breaking out the paint, haha.

Also, I installed a new Roll-Center Correction Kit from GTSPEC. The Whiteline one I had before was OK, but I needed a bit (a lot) more correction to compensate for the front end drop I need to do to get the splitter to work.

Once I get some items to make the new headers work I'll start rebuilding the rest of the exhaust.

And Lime Rock Only Version:

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